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California Roleplay's Vehicle Management System
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Purchase - New Vehicles.

Get a new Civilian, Law Enforcement, or Specialty vehicle from an easy to use checkout process for use in California Roleplay's public servers.

Vehicle Management - Made Easy.

CaliGarage allows you to manage all vehicles that you have for use in California Roleplay servers.

Exclusive Vehicles - On Lockdown.

You've worked hard for the customizations to make your vehicle unique and standout among the community. CaliGarage automatically restricts access from other players ensuring only you have access to your most trusted possessions.

Shared Access - Friends + Community.

Interested in sharing out your vehicle for others to use? CaliGarage offers several options once your vehicle is fully integrated into your garage. Any member who has shared their vehicle with you will be visible in CaliGarage.

Vehicle Modifications - Oh Heck Yes.

Looking to further set yourself apart in Cali RP? Enhance your vehicle with custom handling or pick up an exhaust sound to blow away the competition!

Built on state-of-the-art web framework. Ready for expansion.
We designed this system from the ground up supporting an entire eco-system of vehicles and player management.

Exclusively available to California Roleplay community members.
You must be a member of our discord to fully register for your account.

Exclusive Vehicle Preview

Once your vehicle is enrolled in CaliGarage, our developers take a high resolution video of your vehicle in action. This video becomes showcased in your My Garage section of CaliGarage. Show your friends what your vehicles look like without logging in to our servers!

2-Factor Secured

CaliGarage is military-grade secure and supports modern two-factor authentication.

Discord Synced

CaliGarage requires your discord account to be properly linked to your profile after registration. This allows us to identify you in our gaming communities. All actions in CaliGarage are logged.

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